Hi! My name is Matt, and I’m the creator of I’m also a Christian, a husband, and a father.

I created this website to help me find verses on specific topics faster. I was also looking for a better way to learn about a topic and share thatmethod with others.

Consider the phrase “waiting on the Lord.”

Did you know that over 10,000 people search Google every month for Bible verses about waiting on the Lord? That’s a lot of people looking for help!

This is where HelpfulScripture comes in handy!

Each topical study on this website is a collection of Bible verses on a given subject. But it’s also a lot more than that…

For example, to create a topical study about waiting on the Lord, I first programmed my website to analyze hundreds of Bible commentaries about waiting on the Lord, hundreds of Bible dictionaries about waiting on the Lord, thousands of Bible sermons about waiting on the Lord, and thousands of Bible websites about waiting on the Lord. Phew!

Next, I had my website compile this data and count up all the passages to identify those that occur most frequently for the topic of waiting on the Lord.

Finally, I performed a manual review of the output.

What was the result?

A wonderful collection of Bible verses that are frequently used when discussing a specific topic!

The following video explains how to get the most from this website as well as a more details about how each Bible study was created:

So, who is this website aimed at? It’s for everyone and anyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

I will try to answer commonly asked questions as they arise.

1. What doctrinal position are the verses on this website?

One of the interesting aspects of these topics is that they are unbiased and do not take a doctrinal stand.

You might be wondering how that is possible.

As I mentioned above, when creating each topic, I had my system look at thousands of sources and identify the most frequently cited verses for a particular topic.

This accomplishes two things:

For starters, it removes verses from the mix that aren’t frequently cited.

Here’s an outlandish scenario. Assume a data source used Genesis 1:1 to discuss “hate”. That would be strange, wouldn’t it? I think that we can agree that it makes no sense at all! However, it will not affect the topic of hate because my system automatically removes that verse. Why? Because Genesis 1:1 isn’t frequently cited for the topic of hate.

It also presents all frequently cited verses, regardless of denomination or position.

For example, some believe in the continuation of miraculous spiritual gifts (healing, prophecy, tongues, etc.) and cite to 1 Corinthians 12, while others believe they have ceased and cite to 1 Corinthians 13:9-10.

When you look at the topic on spiritual gifts, you’ll notice that both passages are near the top of the list because they are both frequently cited when discussing the topic of spiritual gifts.

Which viewpoint is correct?

I am not here to tell you what I believe, as that is not the purpose of the topical studies.

The purpose is to present you with all of the most frequently cited passages on a topic.

You can use each topical study to form your own opinions, get additional insights before preaching or teaching, prepare a topical Bible study, or get biblical help for you or a brother/sister in Christ.

2. What translations are available?

At the moment, you can choose from the World English Bible, King James Version, and Basic Bible in English. Each of those translations are in the public domain and are very well respected translations.

The selector to choose a translation is near the top of the page for each topic. After choosing your preferred translation, my system will save your settings on the computer, phone, or tablet on which you made the choice.

I am working on getting permission from the respective publishers to also include the ESV, NIV, and NASB. If you know someone that knows someone, can you help me out? Please? Thanks!

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